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Tianyi Lithium Passed AEO Certification, Congratulations!


2023-11-29 11:58

AEO standing for “Authorized Economic Operator” is an evaluation and certification of the creditworthiness of enterprises engaged in international trade and related businesses and their competence of complying with customs rules, including enterprise credit status and level of compliance and security. It is intended to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, reduce logistics costs and enhance trade competitiveness of goods in international trade.

The Company initiated AEO certification programme in 2022 and successfully passed the certification on November 13, 2023 by improving the trade compliance system and internal control management system which optimized the internal audit, information security management and other control processes and ensured the implementation of trade compliance and security.

The successful AEO certification is a great recognition of customs for the trade compliance management of Tianyi Lithium. In future, Tianyi Lithium will continue to withhold the belief of green, low-carbon and recycling development, deepen trade compliance management, search for market demands in and out of China, improve product quality, commit itself to becoming a world-class professional battery-grade lithium hydroxide manufacture base with the greatest competitive edge in resources, capacity, size, technological innovation and manufacture cost, lead the innovation and development of lithium power materials and make contributions to the sustainable development of the world.