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    Pursuit of excellence


The logo is composed of lower-case English letters which are rounded at the corners, making it more inclusive and pleasant as a whole. The fonts with equal width are more recognizable, modern, and full of technology. The font design is characterized with interconnections and unique features of the letters. The letter “y” is redesigned in structure, making it an integral visual mass with the letters “li”. “∞” is ingeniously designed to create a linking symbol, implying that Tianyi is creating greater value for the customer.

The Staff’s Culture


Pursuit of Integrity, Pursuit of Truth, Pursuit of Change, Pursuit of Advancement

The deep denotation of continuous self-improvement and social commitment.

Pursuit of Integrity:

Don't forget the original intent, keep the mission firmly in mind, set lofty ideals and strengthen common beliefs;

Pursuit of Truth:

Seek truth from the facts, respect objectivity, never take the superior or books as the only guidance, and always base on facts;

Pursuit of Change:

Think outside the box and embrace changes;

Pursuit of Advancement:

keep pace with the times and create value

Integrity, Loyalty, Solidarity, Gratitude


Don’t succumb to the powerful, act with courage, adhere to the right way and hold your belief;


Spare no effort to accomplish missions;


Be united and work as one;


Gratitude helps us achieve steady and long-term development.