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Held the safety production committee meeting in the second quarter of 2021


2021-04-10 00:00

At 9:30 a.m. on April 10, 2021, a meeting of the safety production committee for the second quarter of 2021 will be held in conference room 103 of the company's office building. The meeting will be chaired by Fan Youfu, deputy director of the safety committee. The company's middle-level and above management personnel and safety management department personnel are about 25 people attended the meeting.

First of all, the meeting focused on watching "Yibin Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. "7.12" Major Explosion and Fire Accident Warning Film".

Secondly, Tang Jun, director of the company's safety committee office, reported the work completed by the safety production committee in the first quarter on behalf of the safety production committee and made arrangements for the key tasks in the second quarter.

Afterwards, Fan Youfu, deputy director of the company's safety committee, emphasized on the safety production work: first, improve the construction of the safety system; second, formulate emergency management plans; third, implement safety responsibilities and main responsibilities; fourth, strengthen trace management; fifth Strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers; the sixth is to strengthen the management of accidents; the seventh is to strengthen the safety training; the eighth is to strengthen the management of safety objectives.


Finally, Yan Xianwei, general manager of the company, emphasized the safety work. It is required to deeply learn the lessons of the "7.12" major safety accident, and focus on 14 aspects such as the implementation of the safety production responsibility system. At the same time, everyone is required to change their thinking. In terms of safety management, they must be worthy of the company, their employees, and themselves; their understanding must be in place, self-management must be done well, safety production supervision must be done well, active management must be in place, and the company and departments must be consciously done well. Production management work.