Using Lithium to

Accelerate Energy Revolution

As the cornerstone of human development, energy is closely linked to every leap in productivity and technological advancement. Thanks to the rising consumption of energy, the globe is facing an inevitable strategic energy transformation.

    Yibin Tianyi Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. was created to accommodate to the rapidly growing strategic industries of driverless vehicle, new energy vehicle and energy storage as well as the wide application of wind power, solar power and energy storage, using lithium to accelerate energy revolution.

    Located in Jiang’an County which is known as “the most upstream county of the Yangtze River”, Yibin Tianyi Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Canmax Technologies Co., Ltd. and CATL, two publicly listed companies, with a registered capital of RMB 700 million yuan. It’s engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of battery-grade lithium hydroxide and other lithium battery material products. Its 20,000 ton/year battery-grade lithium hydroxide project (Phase 1) was commenced in September 2019 and completed for trial production in August 2020, those 300-odd days witnessed the “acceleration” in the project construction of lithium battery enterprise and made Tianyi a real miracle maker.

    We pursue truth and excellence. From feedstock and material preparation to transformation, acidification, leaching, refrigeration, evaporation and to drying and packaging, we closely check every aspect and every step with workmanship, which has greatly improved the consistency, reliability and safety of the products at the application end. We actively promote standard, automatic and intelligent production process, which helps push the company towards Industry 4.0 in quicker pace.

    We believe innovation should never stop and relentlessly explore new technology, new path and new mode in an attempt to realize sustainable and high-quality development of lithium industry, continue to provide the customers with most cost-effective products and strive to become the leader in technology and market share.


Creating Infinite Value

Today, the products made by Tianyi are continuously applied in many areas like battery, new energy vehicle and energy storage, etc. Tianyi has built strategic partnership with many renowned enterprises with its first-class products and one-stop service, creating infinite value and delivering long term win-win to the customers.

    Since high-quality and green development has become a zeitgeist, Tianyi adheres to the philosophy of "Low-Carbon Economy and Environment-Friendliness", harnessing natural resources and technology to preserve blue sky and clear water.

    As a pioneer of dreams, Tianyi continues to practice its core values of "Pragmatism, Innovation and Pursuit of Excellence", actively builds innovation and entrepreneurship platform for employees, improves talent service system and optimizes the environment for talent development. Thanks to those efforts, more and more talents have gravitated to Tianyi and create new milestones for the company with great passion and endless energy of “Tianyi people”.

    We concentrate our efforts on the "lithium" industry without any distractions, integrate our wisdom, and move forward with determination to realize ambitions. Looking to the future, Tianyi will take battery-grade lithium hydroxide as its core business and continuously improve its competitive advantages in resources, production scale, technological innovation and production cost, etc. With the aspiration for "lithium" in mind, Tianyi will grasp the strategic opportunity to rise up to the top tier of the global lithium hydroxide industry and become a pioneer of dreams, a miracle maker and an industry leader!