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National Development and Reform Commission: my country's energy supply has withstood the test of demand fluctuations


2021-11-17 09:49

The recent cold wave has affected most parts of my country, and the load of many provincial power grids has reached a record high. So, is the current energy supply guaranteed? How should relevant parties respond?

On the morning of the 19th, Zhao Chenxin, Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a regular press conference in January that in the face of the rapid growth of energy demand in winter, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant parties have been actively responding to efforts to increase energy supply and allocate resources rationally. , optimize the orderly energy consumption plan, and effectively guarantee the energy demand of economic and social development and people's livelihood.

"Even in the past few rounds of strong cooling and the highest demand, the energy supply was strong. Today is January 19, the lunar calendar is the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, and tomorrow is Laba. After March 9th and Laba, the weather is generally gradual. Warmer." Zhao Chenxin pointed out that facts have proved that this winter, my country's energy supply has withstood the test of sharp fluctuations in demand. After this test, we have stronger confidence in the future energy supply.

Zhao Chenxin said that ensuring energy supply in winter is a hot issue that has been highly concerned by all sectors of society recently. Since the fourth quarter of last year, due to the superposition of various factors, my country's winter energy demand has grown rapidly.

He said that on the one hand, my country's economic operation has continued to recover and stabilized, and the growth rate of industrial production has continued to hit new highs, which have exceeded the normal level before the epidemic, driving the rapid recovery of energy demand such as electricity. On the other hand, since the middle and late December of last year, everyone has felt that there have been three rounds of large-scale cooling weather across the country, especially the strong cooling that began on January 6 this year, and the temperature in many parts of the country has hit a record high in nearly 30 years or even 50 years. the lowest record. These factors are superimposed, and the national electricity demand has grown rapidly. Since December last year, the electricity demand has maintained double-digit growth for two consecutive months, and the power generation load has repeatedly hit a record high.

Zhao Chenxin said that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with relevant parties to coordinate the current situation, take a long-term perspective, and continue to do a good job in ensuring energy supply. On the one hand, strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the energy supply and demand situation, coordinate the supply of coal, electricity and natural gas, organize the diversified production of power sources such as wind, solar, water, fire and nuclear, strengthen coordination and dispatch across regions, industries and departments, and improve and improve the orderly energy consumption plan. On the other hand, scientifically study and judge the trend of energy demand during the "14th Five-Year Plan", continue to strengthen the construction of energy production, supply, storage and sales systems, deepen the reform of electricity marketization, and do a good job in the preparation of energy plans for the "14th Five-Year Plan", so as to provide economic and social development and people's livelihood. Can provide strong support.