Chemical Analyst


5000~7000 yuan

Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Job Responsibilities:

1. Sample analysis of raw materials and auxiliary materials;

2. Supplier certification sample testing;

3. Customer analysis and benchmarking;

4. Preparation and calibration of standard solution;

5. MSA plan implementation;

6. Temporary analysis of other samples;

7. Do a good job of recording the original data in the testing process to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the original data analyzed, and do a good job in data processing according to the regulations, and get out of the results of various indicators;

8. After the inspection, do a good job of cleaning, and according to the 5S management requirements, ensure that the utensils and utensils you use are clean and neatly placed, and the workplace is clean and orderly;

9. Comply with the company's confidentiality system, do a good job in the confidentiality of analysis data, and do not report the analysis results without approval;

10. Regularly maintain the analysis equipment every month; complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the leader.

  job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in chemistry;

2. More than one year experience in laboratory chemical analysis is preferred;

3. Proficient in using relevant office software;

4. Working hours: three shifts and two shifts, four days off for two days;

5. Working place: Jiang'an, Yibin.